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An easy argument against sharing our message, creating that special thing and doing the work is that there are already “so many people” out there doing their thing. We figure that there’s already a course, book, product, service or profile for that. But there’s something that you have that allows you to hone your uniqueness and create, share and sell: your secret sauce.



‘Secret sauce’ represents who you are and what you have to give. It speaks to three things:

  • What makes you distinctive.
  • What you add to your products, service and messaging that increases or accounts for someone’s success in achieving their aims.
  • Your values, the things that you need to be, do and have in order to live your life (and run your business) happily and authentically. 

Bought ‘Yet Another Course’ only to discover that it’s same old, same old or that it feels like the actual how is missing?

It’s missing secret sauce.

We live in a time where it’s never been so easy to start your own business and create your own products, but it can be pretty daunting, confusing and overwhelming. It’s not just that there seem to be so many people out there trying to do their thing; it’s also that there’s a lot of people claiming that you have to follow a formula to be successful or that their way is the only way. That’ll drain the mojo and flavour out of you pronto!

Figure out your secret sauce, and you zone in on your genius and what you can create and sell.


Own your secret sauce, and you will confidently share your message with the world so that you connect with exactly the right people who need to receive it. Secret sauce is transferable to everything you do, and no one can copy it because it’s your personal formula. 

I help creatives with mission and vision to use their secret sauce to build platforms, create products and generate passive income while changing lives.


For almost fifteen years, I’ve used blogging and various platforms to help people reclaiming their true selves from the emotional baggage that leads to low self-esteem, crappy relationships and crushing choices.

I’ve been doing this full time for eleven years, have self-published four books that have sold 125K+ copies and have created various products over the years. I don’t ‘hustle’ and the bulk of my income is passive

I’m also the original founder of the lifestyle site Bambino Goodies where we helped to champion British, eco-friendly and design-led retailers by connecting them with design-conscious parents.

Between my previous life in advertising and my online life, I’ve helped hundreds of business owners to sell more products and be more visible from the most authentic place possible.

What I create, write and say is instantly recognisable as my ‘voice’, and I’ve carved out a niche for myself. I’m regularly asked how I’ve done what I’ve done, and I’ve realised, not just from my own experiences but observing many business owners over the years that it’s bringing my secret sauce to everything I do.

I speak to so many people who would love to sell even one hundred books.

They’d love to turn their journey or process into something that could help make a difference to someone who represents the old version of them.

There are people out there who feel pigeonholed by old ideas of how their career is supposed to play out and they know that they could do things differently but don’t know how to get going.

That’s where I come in. 


I can help you…

  • Get your first product created and launched.
  • Take what you really love and sell it.
  • Design an ecosystem of products.
  • Tell a story across platforms with a consistent message that connects with people who become devotees.


  • I have a media sales and marketing background. I started out in radio, then directory sales, then magazine publishing. I’ve also worked on both the agency and client side. 
  • My degree is in product design. I opted not to go down the traditional route of working in the field but that degree’s been put to surprisingly good use!
  • Working part time as a credit control manager for two years while studying taught me a lot about the psychology of businesses. Those lessons have been passed on to plenty of business owners and freelancers who’ve felt demoralised about, for example, chasing monies they’re owed and pricing. 
  • I have twenty years online experience. I sold my first online ad in 1999 when clients would say “What the feck is the internet?”
  • I’ve created physical and digital products including ebooks, books, courses, workshops, membership, mugs, badges, bookmarks and notebooks — I collaborate with my brilliant designer, Louise at Lulacreative
  • When I first started out, I freelanced for a management consultancy speaking to creatives all over the north east about accessing funding so that they could take their business digital. 
  • Bambino Goodies was founded due to my love of great product design — both functional and lovely to look at. My ability to spot great products but to also recognise great brands and identify what was and wasn’t working helped me to build valuable relationships with independent designers, retailers and brands around the UK.